Corrosion Monitoring Tracer - CMT

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Corrosion Monitoring Tracer - CMT can indicate rate of metal loss.

In well where corrosive fluid is produced corrosion will take place in the tubing and elsewhere. The loss of metal can often limit the life time of the tubing, unless corrosion inhibitor is applied. In such cases a monitoring technology is necessary, such as use of corrosion coupons or logging.Both of these methods will require intervention.

The CMT is a permanently installed tracer carrier that is sealed off. In the carrier thin sections will corrode first and enable water in the well to contact the tracer rods. By sampling water topside for analysis, the presence of tracer can proved. In this way metal loss rate can be monitored.

The tool can either be installed in a Tracer Carrier Tool for retrofit installation or it can be integrated in a tubing like shown below.