Scale Protection has developed several tools based on tracer technology. They can all be installed retrofit and some of them can be inline, i.e. as a part of the screen or tubing. Tools and tracers are designed for scale detection, scale inhibitor placement and corrosion detection. They can be combined into one tool or it can be separate tool for one of these functionality.


Scale Inhibitor Tracer – SIT

Scale Inhibitor Tracer, SIT, will indicate inhibitor placement along the well-bore during a scale squeeze. This can be installed in a screen or as a retrofit tool.


Scale Alarm Tracer - SAT

ScaleAlarm Tracer (SAT) is a novel technology where advanced tracers are used for downhole direct scale monitoring. SAT is ready to be piloted. See animation here.


Retrofit Inflow Tracer – RIT

Tracers can be installed in existing wells in a tracer carrier tool and will detect which part of the well that produces water. This is done without any logging or intervention in the well, just by analyzing the produced water.


Corrosion Monitoring Tracer - CMT

Corrosion Monitoring Tracer - CMT can indicate rate of metal loss, for insistence in a tubing. No intervention is needed, just water sampling at surface.