CEO, Ole Magnar Drønen

His background is from Statoil, where he worked for 22 years within reservoir, production, and subsurface management. His  main experience is from operating oil fields such as Statfjord, Veslefrikk and Norne. He served as subsurface manager for the Norne field for 10 years.

In addition he has worked for a startup oil company, Discover Petroleum, Weatherford and independent consultant.

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Vice President, Rolf Pensgaard

Rolf has a long track record from completion companies, both larger such as Schlumberger and he has also played a key role in building startup companies such as TCO and Wahiba Energy. His experience is from Norway, UK and lately he spent 12 years in Middle East. Rolf has experience from roles within marketing, technical, commercial and managerial disciplines.

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Sales Manager, Marius Stamnes

Marius’ experience is from Halliburton, Weatherford and Odfjell Drilling, where he has been working within commercial, drilling and completion disciplines. He holds a master’s degree in petroleum engineering from NTNU and he will bring valuable experience within technical aspects related to our products. Marius is also used to provide first class service to existing and new customers.


Henrik Carlsen
Chairman of the Board

Henrik Carlsen's background is physics and reservoir engineering. He was in Statoil for over 30 years in different managerial positions, among them top manager for Statoil's NCS operations.

Ole Magnar Drønen
CEO and Board Member

Ole Magnar Drønen's background is reservoir engineering. He worked in Statoil for more than 20 years within reservoir, production, and subsurface management. Ole Magnar founded Scale Protection.

David Lysne
Board Member

David Lysne's background is within Process Engineering. He worked with oil and gas technologies in Sintef for 19 years. He also founded and managed ResLab Integration that was purchsed by Weatherford. He is today senior partner in ProVenture.

Svein-Olav Torø
Board Member

Svein-Olav Torø's background is material technology. He worked for 15 years in Kongsberg Automotive within production, design and management. He has managed Kongsberg Innovation since 2008.


Roald Johansen
Board Member

Roald Johansen’s background is civil engineering and business and project management. He has been working 30 years in the oil- and gas industry in different managing positions, among them in AkerKværner, Altinex, Equinor and Total.


Ingvar Katmo
Board Member

Ingvar Katmo’s background is within corporate finance. He worked as a management consultant with McKinsey before he joined ProVenture in 2007.



John-Arne Hørløck
Board Member

John-Arne Hørløck’s background is within economics. He worked as accountant and consultant at PwC and Accenture prior to joining Investinor where he is currently working.