Scale Inhibitor Tracer – SIT

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Scale Inhibitor Tracer, SIT, will indicate inhibitor placement along the well-bore during a scale squeeze.

Poor inhibitor coverage across the completed zone can result in severe formation damage. Poor placement is difficult to detectbefore the damage and prevention is too late. The SIT can give valuable data to detect an poor squeeze and an optimized design can be applied. This is illustrated below where inhibitor is placed in the heal section only. Given pre-installed SIT at three places, only the blue tracer will be detected during back-production after the squeeze. The red and green will not be seen as they have not been contacted by inhibitor.

SIT example, if inhibitor is placed in the heal of the well, only the blue tracer will be detected at surface since the red and green not has been contacted by inhibitor.

The tracer rods can be installed in new wells inside sand screens or retrofit in our Tracer Carrier Tool. In cases where the Tool is used the SIT can be combined with the Scale Alarm Tracer which will detect scale deposition. Read more about the combined tool, Scale Monitoring Tool, SMT.