Scale Alarm Tracer - SAT

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ScaleAlarm Tracer (SAT) is a novel technology where advanced tracers are used for downhole direct scale monitoring. SAT is ready to be piloted. Se animation here.

The SAT will be a guide to optimal timing for treatment of wells. This will enable a more efficient chemical scale control strategy with cost savings due to less inhibitor squeezes and reduced well damage since the monitoring could enable prevention in due time and with an optimal design.

This function is achieved by advanced chemical tracer design, placed in two different chambers in the tool, one for scale detection and a reference tracer for life-time monitoring. The data is acquired by sampling water and subsequent laboratory analysis. Note that the image above show a version of the tool where the SAT is combined with the SIT, this is the chamber with the green tracer.

SAT is designed for retrofit installation in a tubing, liner or screen, where the tracer rods are mounted in our retrievable Tracer Carrier Tool, as shown below. The tool does not introduce any risk related to well integrity, no cable is needed, and it can be set by cable / tractor. The tool is small in size and has an ID which allow for most tools to pass through and does not imply any flow restriction.




- Retrofit installation
- Can be installed anywhere, tubing, liner or screen
- Retrievable
- Large ID to avoid flow restriction and tool passage
- Run and retrieved by wireline w/wo tractor