Bulk Scale Analysis effective way to capture poor placement

Distribution along a long horizontal wells or commingle producers is often a challenge when squeezing due to change in pressure and permeability. BSA can be used as an effective way to prove protection in the complete well.

BSA can be successfully used to verify the placement of scale squeeze, one case is shown below.  Despite squeezing and high inhibitor concentration in the back produced fluid, the sulphate coverage is very high on the filter. This indicate that part of the well is unprotected, despite the recent squeeze. In this case a new squeeze using higher pumping rate was successfully performed and the low sulphate coverage verifies the improved placement.



Graph showing sulphate coverage over time (bars) and inhibitor concentration (blue line). Despite squeeze and high inhibitor concentration, the BSA indicate severe scaling in the well. This is because of poor placement, and this is corrected by increase in pumping rate in the next squeeze.