Ole Magnar Drønen

Ole Magnar has a master degree in petroleum engineering and has a broad experience within subsurface, mostly from Statoil (over 20 years). He has worked as reservoir- and prodution engineer in different producing assets, and was subsurface manager for the Norne field in a 10 years period. In addition he has been within Weatherford for some years and worked as consultant. He founded Scale Protection.


Ola Wolny

Ola has a master degrees in both petroleum engineering and business management. Her background is within production technology, such as well chemistry and production optimization. She has worked with major operators for about 10 years in both UK and Norway before joined Scale Protection March 2017. 


Tamara Nedviga
Senior Laboratory Engineer

Tamara is responsible for Bulk Scale Analysis, where operation of the SEM/EDX analysis is a major task. Tamara is educated within medicine and has worked for 12 years at Veterinærinstituttet in Harstad, responsible for various advanced laboratory analysis related to food safety and animal health.


Knut Arne Jakobsen

Knut Arne has a bachelor degree within mechnical engineering. He has a broad background within well completion, both offshore and onshore work, mostly from Statoil where he was employed for over 20 years. He was leading completion engineer for the Norne Field during development and the first 10 years of operation.